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Corporate Involvement

helping corporate companies close the linear product lifecycle, through e-waste reduction & offering carbon credits  

Where to from here?


Our Purpose

As we are engaged in the battle against pollution of all kinds globally, we decided to try and make a difference.


By applying science and technology, we have come up with a solution that will assist in "Closing the Plastic Loop".


This will ultimately have a positive spin on our environment as we will start cleaning up landfills in the upper reaches of our country, reducing the amount of plastic and e-waste in our rivers, estuaries, and our oceans.


This is not a new technology, cold plasma pyrolysis, yet we have refined the technology in such a way to be more eco-friendly and being able to generate valuable renewable energy resources such as biodiesel, etc. It is a unique process of carbonising & melting down plastic waste through a UN-approved method of renewable energy to generate valuable resources.


Our project is still in its infancy, the plant still needs to be constructed, however, we can now share our vision of a cleaner planet with you.


We will benchmark the technology in Johannesburg and start expanding across SA as soon as the yield percentage of biodiesel and other renewable resources becomes available.

The spin-off for entrepreneurs downstream could be brilliant, as well as job opportunities for many. That's our driving force.

On a weekly basis, we will expand on our website, add a blog section, so that you can stay in touch with where and how we grow.

Kindest Regards,

Lilianne de Magalhaes

Managing Director

Full Circle Africa (Pty) Ltd

Renewable Energy Solutions